Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bailout Proposed for Book Reviews

Here's an interesting article from Slate.com: A bestselling author proposes the most improbable bailout yet.

It starts off saying: "Of the many once mighty American industries now on life support, from cars to banks to newspapers, few are struggling more than book publishing. Last month, the major publishing houses announced layoffs, pay freezes, and reorganizations. Even the leading publisher of Bibles...had to cut 10% of its workforce."

So, historian and bestselling author Douglas Brinkley has suggested a federal subsidy for book reviews. Brinkley said: "Like public television, I think book review sections almost need to get subsidized to keep the intellectual life in America alive..."

It was suggested that Obama could save the publishing world. He is the most successful author ever elected to the White House and he could save the industry with a stroke of the pen by writing a book a year for the rest of his Presidency.

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