Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Due to the current economy, the Buena Park Library District has experienced several budget cuts. Beginning, January 2010, we will have to drop our subscription to approx. 50 titles.

If you would like to SAVE A MAGAZINE we would gladly accept the donated price of an annual subscription. (Please do not subscribe on your own -- so we can avoid receiving duplicate copies.) For more information, please call the Library at 714-826-4100 x125 and ask for Patricia Rivera or Kathy Billings. Or email us at referencedesk@buenapark.lib.ca.us.

We already have several titles that have been SAVED by our generous donors: American Heritage, Christianity Today, Dog Fancy, Gourmet, National Geographic Traveler, New Yorker, Organic Gardening, and Trains.

The following titles (with their annual subscription price) are still waiting to be SAVED:

American Journal of Nursing $270
Antiques $40
Architectural Digest $42
Art News $40
Bicycling $20
Bottom Line $39
Cat Fancy $28
Conde Nast's Traveler $20
Doll Reader $30
Downbeat $35
E Magazine $30
Field and Stream $20
Flying $26
Forbes $60
Golf Digest $28
GQ $20
Guitar World $12
Harper's Magazine $21
Homeschooling Today $22
House Beautiful $20
InStyle $30
Knit Simple $20
Macworld $35
McCall Quilting $22
Men's Journal $20
Men's Health $25
Mental Floss $22
More $20
Motorcyclist $10
Muscle Fitness $40
Nation $90
New Scientist $149
Newsweek $41
Orange County Business Journal $90
Parents $16
Popular Mechanics $24
Popular Photo & Imaging $24
Prevention $22
Readymade $20
Runner's World $24
Scientific American $40
Self $18
Shooting Times $24
Smart Computing $29
Sound and Vision $29
Spin $10
Threads $33
Weight Watchers $15

Thank you!!

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