Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Day at the Reference Desk

Here is a sampling of some of the reference questions that we got at the Reference Desk during this last week:

Question: I need help passing my California driver's test--what do you have?
Answer: Here are the items that we have that would help someone study for the driver's test:
A DVD called Let's Go For a Drive (as well as a book by the same name).
Another book title we have is California Drivers Test Made Easy.
We also recommended the online site: dmv.ca.gov. Just look for "Practice for my Written Test" under the "How do I..." drop down menu. There are several samples of the written test there.

Question: Do you have books on the computer programs Excel and Access?
Answer: Yes -- we have both -- just check the catalog by subject: "Microsoft Excel" and "Microsoft Access".

Question: How do I obtain a diploma from a California private school that has closed down?
Answer: The California Department of Education has the last known information for the school--check the Private Schools Frequently Asked Questions at www.cde.ca.gov.

We also answered the usual "directional" questions about where books and DVDs are located.

The most frequently asked question of the week seemed to be .... "Do you have a copy of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer?" [Yes -- we have 10 copies and they are all checked out right now-- so, please place a hold or check back later!]

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