Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Books -- For Guys

The NY Daily News has published a list of books called "beach reads for guys this summer" described as a dude-oriented list of beach reading, with something for the sportsman, the mystery addict and the guy who's just thrilled not be be at the office.

Here are the titles by subject:

Meaty Historical Epic: The Steel Wave by Jeff Shaara
The second book in his WWII trilogy, Shaara plunges readers into the minds of such figures as George Patton and Dwight Eisenhower.

Morose Music Memoir: Sing Me Back Home: Love, Death and Country Music by Dana Jennings
A journalist relates the struggles of his boozy, violent, poverty-stricken youth in New Hampshire to the country music with which he grew up.

Suspenseful Scorcher: In the Heat by Ian Vasquez
The author transports us to his native Belize, where the sizzling weather is the backdrop to a complicated detective job.

Unsportsmanly Sports Book: How to Really Stink at Golf by Jeff Foxworthy
A quick read with tips for honing horrible drives and putts.

Pulpy Pop Adventure: I Have Fun Everywhere I Go by Mike Edison
Edison offers the seamy secrets of magazine writing.

Voyage to Dirty NYC: The Finder by Colin Harrison
Harrison's latest thriller introduces the reader to a sleazy but sensational New York in which no one is to be trusted.

Comic Collection: Lamentations of the Father by Ian Frazier
Comic essays that discuss the trials of such childhood moments as dinner and bath time.

Funny Faux Guide: Executricks: Or How to Retire While You're Still Working by Stanley Bing
Fortune columnist, Stanley Bing, outlines the basics of living large while still going to the office.

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